Importance of spine in our body

Spine is the most important part of our body. It is our major support system. Even we can not move an inch without spine. So there is need to take care of our spine in best way. Isn’t it? Our spine consists of 33 bones closely attached with each other. It helps us to stand upright, bend and to move our body in flexible way. In short, whole movement of our body depends upon spinal cord. But if you are facing spinal cord injury then you must visit the best spine doctor in Dubai to treat your injury just like you visit endocrinologist in Dubai when you are suffering from hormonal imbalance.

Spinal injuries that you need to know:

Spinal pain can be acute or chronic and these can occur due to accidents, sports injuries or due to some other reasons.

Factors associated with spinal cord injury:

  • Aging can be most important factor in spinal factor. With the passage of time, discs of spine lose its water content and so they lose their flexibility which ultimately leads to spinal cord injury.
  • Arthritis of spine can also be occurred and it may lead to chronic injury of spine. It may lead to balance problem, osteoporosis and several degenerative diseases.
  • Obesity can also lead to spinal cord injuries. If your weight has been increased at dangerous level then your spinal cord can not bear your weight and so it will lead to spinal cord injury.

How can you find best spine doctor?

As we know that spine is the most important part of our body. So it is necessary to visit the doctor who can give best treatment to spinal injuries. Her we have enlisted some ways by which you can find best doctor for your spine.

Always know about surgeon’s qualification and experience:

Qualification and experience matter a lot for proper diagnosis and treatment. An experienced spine specialist can give best treatment rather than an inexperienced specialist.

Know from your contacts about that specialist:

Before visiting to that spine doctor, you must ask from your contacts about that specialist. You can ask about his/her experience, behavior and nature. These things will increase your confidence and you will be more comfortable while talking with your doctor.

Ask few questions from your doctor:

If your doctor has recommended you spinal surgery and you are still confused about him/her then you can also ask few questions from your doctor for your satisfaction. Like you can ask about his fellowship, board certified, training in spinal injury. They will not mind while telling you these things as patient satisfaction is also their responsibility.