How to design lighting while keeping health in mind

Light is a major aspect of our lives and the reason that we are able to perform so many tasks. Without proper lighting, our lives would be surrounded by darkness. Imagine if light hadn’t been there we would’ve never know what colours are. But no worries as lighting companies in Dubai are doing good work in keeping our lives brightened even when the sun sets down and isn’t able to provide us with its beauty. Here is how you can arrange lighting while taking care of health:

  • Use strategic timing for different lightings

Audio Visual Dubai goes hand in hand and this is why just like hearing, seeing is also balanced out with the focused and non focused things like blocking out the sounds which the mind isn’t focusing on and blocking out the illuminated things which the mind doesn’t know is there. If we talk about the human visual system then we can see how the eyes are sensitive to blue light which works as a coffee, alerting the body to be on board with the work while the warm tones of light provides a relaxed ambiance feeling. Using these two lights strategically can help you with the productivity.

  • Understand the habitants

Light plays a major role in one’s life as morning for some people could mean after 12 while others would be up with the sun. Due to these different schedules, these two different people would consider drawing out the curtains and getting rid of light earlier. The same way when a place is being designed, its habitants should be considered, if they will be working 9-5 to have fixed general lighting or if they would be on different shifts to consider different task lighting.

  • Daylight solution should be always available on hand

No matter how good the artificial lighting is, you are always going to need daylight solution. With the changing colours of sky and season, it helps the body stay calm and in regulated motion. Windows with proper blinds and curtains to block off glare or thermal discomfort should be considered so that at one pull, people can go back to the original lighting which would always be accompanied with beautiful scenery to relax at. Natural lighting has always been important and it will still be make sure you are not eliminating that completely.