CLAW Leather Expo 8 post


They say that Legends never die .... Looks like they were right, the Menjos complex is thrilled to welcome into the family fold the return of Detroit's most Epic dive bar.... The R&R .... on the Alley !!!

We have carefully selected treasures from the R&Rs past ( including the actual R&R bar) while blending them into this newly updated structure, while nothing could ever replace the original, we believe we have captured its essence as several of its past employees return for another wild ride and at the helm the one and only Billy !!!

For the Grand opening night we have Sexy Super Stud Cutler X ( all 11 inches of him) hosting a wild and sweaty jockstrap party all night long, the jocks are provided by our great friends at Detroit GT, upon entering you'll receive a jockstrap then at the end of the night after you've sweated it up with manly smells and maybe some other things too, our hung host Cutler is gonna be asking for it back because we have something very special in mind, but not before he looks for the sweetest asses in the D and to claim your prize you might want to step in back with this horse hung stud, Plus the winner will also receive a weekend package get away to Claw 17, And the fun continues as we auction his over stuffed jock right off of Cutlers hot,hùng and tight body all proceeds to benefit Claw's family of charities!!!

The festivities will take place not only in the bar but also out on the huge newly refurbished R&R patio, we hope enjoy what we've done !!!

Clothes check available, DJ Kiley spins with Jack & Donald are serving up the booze and the hot ass man on man action as only the R&R could deliver !!!

Be who you are at the R&R ;)

There's a whole lot MORE at MENJOS COMPLEX!

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